Prenatal Yoga Poses for a Smooth Pregnancy

You can never understand life until it grows inside of you!

Those nine months of carrying a baby inside you are an undeniably wondrous and life-changing experience. Motherhood is the only place where you will experience heaven and hell at the same time. Every month until the 8th has an average of 30 days. But the 9th month of pregnancy feels like 1,000 days. 

Prenatal yoga can be a great way to prepare you for the last month and labour. 

Yoga is one of the safest forms of exercise that can be considered by pregnant women. The most reliable way to practise yoga during pregnancy is to look for a prenatal yoga class with a certified instructor. prenatal yoga sessions are special classes that are designed for pregnant women. Prenatal yoga focuses on breathing, gentle stretches, postures, cooling down, and relaxation. Here are some yoga poses that ease your pain and don’t just help you physically, it can also help you relax and quiet down any anxiety you might be feeling.

Standing Side Stretch

This stretch reduces back pain, improves upper body flexibility, and reduces shoulder stiffness. 

The Cat-Cow Pose/ Tiger Pose

This posture delivers a good stretch and offers great relief for lower back pain. It also helps with blood circulation throughout the upper back and the lower body. It prepares your body for back labour in case it occurs during delivery. 

Yoga Squat

This position is the best pose if your hips are feeling too tight. It helps to widen the pelvis and makes childbirth easier. Guess what it’s easier to do and has the most benefits.

Wide Knee Child’s Pose

This position relieves the pressure of a growing belly, widens your hips. It reduces the risk of complications during birth, relieves back pain, and helps lower stress and anxiety.

Warrior Pose

It helps greatly with strengthening the legs and the core. 

Bound Angle Pose

This posture helps a lot to open hips and thighs wider for easier childbirth, eases knee pain, helps with sore or swollen feet, and reduces overall body fatigue. It is one of the most comfortable postures during your pregnancy, as it allows space for your belly, promotes flexibility, and relaxes and stretches your muscles.

Legs Up The Wall Pose

This pose is about to become one of your absolute favourites. The legs up the wall pose can relieve a lot of pain and swell around the ankles. This pose is relaxing and improves blood circulation.

Child’s Pose

This restorative pose is relaxing and connects you with your child as you are in the fetal position. It allows you to heal and rejuvenation to occur.

Corpse Pose

This pose is incredibly relaxing. It’s best for meditation when you are feeling stressed or a bit anxious. The slow mental and physical relaxation from this pose is unparalleled.

Garland Pose

This pose assists with the ability to squat, which is often a position chosen for labour and delivery. The pose also helps improve the range of motion of the hip joints.


How a mother holds herself, and her child during pregnancy plays an important role in the making of an individual. Embrace your pregnant self and be the best for you and your baby.

SillyBoom makes pregnancy an occasion to appreciate female bodies.

Happy Parenting!


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