How to keep yourself happy during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful period in a woman’s life. Once you’re pregnant, you are full of joy, hope & anxiety. People shower you with blessings, advice & that extra attention that makes you feel special.

Once you’re pregnant, you’re elated, but worries and fears— about your and your baby’s health, labour pain, and how your life’s going to change— coupled with weight gain, out-of-control hormones and trouble sleeping, meaning you’re probably counting down the days until you give birth.

But, how to be happy during pregnancy? We understand that the situation around every pregnant woman is different and they need not always be happy ones all the time. However, you have to make that extra effort to channel your mindset for being happy during pregnancy.

Take heed—you can have a happy pregnancy with some simple changes. Try these:

Be grateful

One of the best ways to de-stress is to focus on gratitude since it reduces the stress centers in the brain. Whether you’re grateful for your baby, your partner, or that you can take a nap, think about or write down what you’re grateful for each day.

Nix worry

All that worrying not only increases your stress but can transfer anxiety into other areas of your life.

It makes your emotions more intense, worry can also take a toll on you physically, making pregnancy aches and pains worse.


A study in the journal Psychology and Health found that exercise can boost your mood, likely due to the endorphin rush you get from a good sweat session. Working out for 30 minutes most days is best, but even a brisk walk can help if you’re not up for the gym.

Focus on love

Stress hormones can transfer to your baby, so the more loving emotions and thoughts you have, the better.

It changes the biochemistry of your body and you want your baby to be in an environment of love.

Relax and meditate

You may want to join yoga and meditation sessions. The effect of these practices is bound to make you feel rejuvenated, stronger and happier. Breathing exercises will flush out the inner baggage and help keep the mind away from negative thoughts, words and actions. Meditation can also help you focus your attention on the here and now and it may even help with morning sickness.

Ignore unsolicited advice

Other moms are already giving you advice and, while it’s because they care, it’s stressing you out.  What’s the best way to handle it? Acknowledge it, say “thank you,” and make your own decision for your family.

Let go of expectations

You hope to have a natural birth or make homemade baby food but they may not happen. Don’t sweat it. Definitely have a plan, but be flexible and accept that a different outcome is ok, too.

Embrace changes

Instead of getting hung up on weight gain, stretch marks and varicose veins, recognize that these changes are temporary. What matters is how you react now. You may not have control over it, but you always have control over your emotional reaction.

Don’t think too far into the future

You might be worried that your career will take a hit or your relationship with your partner will change. You won’t know how things will go until you give birth, so start to focus on what’s important right now. The rest will fall into place.

From the time that you get to know that you are pregnant, your life changes manifolds. Some of the aspects of life will return to normal once the pregnancy is over, but it is true that your old life will never come back completely. The most important thing is to realize this and move on and look forward to a new chapter of your life.

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