How to prepare physically and mentally for labor?

Giving birth to a new life is one of the biggest transitions that might occur in your life. The time of labor is when both your body and mind have to be prepared for the birth of a child. The prospect of labor might seem a bit overwhelming process if you are going to have your first baby, but even experienced parents face these conflicting feelings. During the time of labor, a lot of things run around in mind like the worries of pain, fatigue, getting help, and all the things you have learned before you try to recall.

Don’t worry and relax! Below we have curated a list that is going to help you prepare for your labor both physically and mentally.

To prepare yourself physically

Accept the pain and learn to breathe

It is important to accept the fact that labor is hard and it is going to hurt. Although it is challenging it doesn’t mean that is unbearable. Divert your attention from pain to the different work you are doing. In parallel, it is important to work on your breathing. Learn to take longer exhales than your inhales as it helps the body to relax more. In situations of labor, it is helpful in providing your brain enough oxygen to keep it stay alert to take the right actions.

Keep walking

To move your body, walking is the simplest method. Walking provides you with efficient benefits. It is recommended to incorporate a regular walking schedule daily for short intervals during your pregnancy phase and the post-pregnancy phase of life. Walking provides you with strength and endurance which are necessary for labor.

Start squatting

When we talk about the pelvic strength of the body then squats are the way to go. With the help of squatting, you can not only get pelvic strength but also flexibility, alignment, and stamina to your legs. Before including squatting into your schedule it is recommended to ask a doctor before depending on your health conditions.

Wear flats

Wearing heels and even wedges may cause a lot of pain and misalignment in the body. If you are pregnant then it is always advised to only wear flats to have a proper alignment of your body with your baby. And why proper alignment is important? It is because the muscles and joints work and function well when your body is properly aligned.

Minimize sitting 

Many say it is better to sit while you are having a baby. But sitting all the time and that too in a wrong posture can lead to several difficulties. It may cause harm to your body alignment, ts flexibility, strength, and overall physical well-being.


To prepare yourself mentally 

Use your support network 

Many ladies forego entirely the company of friends and family just because they are pregnant and they don’t feel to socialize anymore. It is natural to feel like that as you would feel tired, but it is advised to manage your childbirth and stay connected with your support network. Your family and friends act as a support structure at both times during and after pregnancy.

Manage relationship stress 

Due to pregnancy, it is obvious to experience relationship stress. Even post pregnancy due to parenthood you have to be patient enough to adapt to new parenthood and be calm with yourself as well as your partner. Try to spend time and talk honestly with your partner about your fears and hopes.


The benefits of meditation are something that everyone is well aware of as it is recommended to people of all age groups. But for a mother, it helps to create a bond with their baby at a deeper level of mental rest. It helps you to build confidence and avoid stressful and negative situations.

Don’t attach yourself to plans 

For a mother to be it is natural to have plans created before. But it often leads to unrealistic expectations because the birth of a child is a process that can’t be planned before. From the timing of labor to the size of the baby and the number of contractions, everything is unpredictable.

Consider the big picture 

No matter what happens, it is necessary to stay positive and think about the big picture always. Your foremost goal during your pregnancy phase should be to give birth to a healthy child. Always make sure to stay connected with your doctors as the situations change.

Sometimes doing a lot of things to have a perfect birth might end up causing you extra anxiety, so make sure you get educated but do not freak out with extra. Always keep in mind that your labor might be different from what you have planned or envisioned. But all that matters, in the end, is a healthy baby and a healthy mother. Try out the mentioned points above, they will help you to feel empowered and in control. And yes, you’ve got this!

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