Pregnancy Travel Tips You Should be Knowing

Pregnancy is a magical experience!

Never again will your baby be as cooperative as he is now. So once you’ve got the green light from your doctor, it’s possible to travel safely during pregnancy.

You will have to do a bit of planning to ensure a safe and comfortable trip. You can use these tried-and-true tactics to make pregnancy travel easier and less stressful.


Travel when you are most comfortable

The best time for expecting moms to travel is between 14 and 28 weeks, or during the middle of your pregnancy. The most common pregnancy problems occur in either the first and third trimesters. During mid-pregnancy, your energy has returned, morning sickness is gone, and is easy to get around.


Get comfortable

You should get an aisle seat that’s close to the front of the plane. Carry a small pillow to assist your back and wear loose clothing. You can also check in online from your home computer to lower your chances of having to stand in line for a prolonged period.


Pack as light as possible

A pregnant woman’s body is working hard to create a new person, so it is likely to tire easily. Packing light will save the trouble of dragging a heavy suitcase and having to do multiple loads of laundry later. It is acceptable to wear comfortable, simple attire and even wear the same outfit for several days. It is important to relax and keep stress levels low.


Be picky about your destination

Before you book your reservations, you should make sure that your hotel and transport are air-conditioned and that you stay hydrated and out of the sun.


Keep car rides short

If you’re planning a road trip or need to drive a long distance to reach your destination, it is recommended to break up your travel over several days. Long stretches can leave you vulnerable to swelling and blood clots.


Stand up and stretch

Pregnant women are at higher risk of blood clots during pregnancy. So, you should avoid sitting still for long periods. Wear loose clothes which will keep the blood flowing in your legs. Periodically get up and walk the aisles to keep your blood circulating. At the very least, flex your calf muscles up and down often to reduce your risk of clotting. Try to put up your feet as much as you can.


Pack plenty of healthy snacks

Load up your bag with plenty of healthy, fibre-rich, energy-boosting foods like trail mix, granola bars, fruit and veggies, hummus, and lots of water. This way, you will help ward off constipation, bloating, and a dipping energy level. 


Dressup in layers

Your body doesn’t regulate its temperature as well as usual when you’re pregnant. You might get overheated more easily and feel extra sensitive to the cold. So pack a variety of clothing for your trip, and dress in layers. A cardigan will help you be comfortable.


Take your time

Be sure to get to the airport extra early so you can take your time getting through security and to your gate. There’s no reason to cut things close. Except that it’s hard to sprint to catch your flight when you are pregnant, rushing and stressing can wipe you out.


Drink up

Being mindful about your health and wellness, you should also drink lots of water so you stay hydrated. Dehydration makes you feel unwell and puts you at risk for preterm contractions. Staying hydrated prevents swelling of your hands, legs, and feet, as well as help, prevent blood clots. Drinking non-caffeinated fluids such as water and juice helps reduce swelling in your nasal passages.


Bring sanitizing wipes and gel

Washing your hands frequently is the best way to avoid any infections but antibacterial hand gel can help you ward off germs. Disinfecting wipes are also very good to have on hand.


Pack a first-aid kit

If you are prone to not feeling well at home or when you travel, you have to bring a small first-aid kit along. Your first aid kit can include whatever you want. Make sure you take enough prenatal vitamins for the trip. You should also carry a copy of your health records with you. Keep in mind the name of a local OB/GYN handy just in case. Some major hotels can also help you with this kind of information.


Make frequent pit stops

Pregnant women have to use the ladies room a lot, so add in plenty of pit stops into your trip. A clean public restroom is hard to find when you really need one. So, be careful!


Remember, travelling is not as fun as it is when you are not pregnant. But you can always make it work.

Happy Parenting! 

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