Is it safe to get the covid-19 vaccination during pregnancy?

If you are pregnant right now then you might be wondering if getting a Covid-19 vaccine is safe for you or not? Is it safe for your unborn child? The answer to all these questions is ‘Yes’. Yes, Covid-19 vaccines are safe for you and your unborn child according to leading public health experts. Many renowned doctors and medical researchers strongly recommend women to get vaccinated who are pregnant or who are trying to get pregnant or who are breastfeeding.

For pregnant women, the Covid-19 vaccine is available at any point of their pregnancy. There isn’t any indication that vaccines can lead to any complications in the first trimester. But if you prefer then you can surely get your first jab after the first trimester. In general, if you want to get vaccinated for anything else then you should wait for at least 14 days before or after you get vaccinated for Covid-19.

Following are the reasons that if you’re pregnant then why you should too get the jab

To protect yourself and your baby from Covid-19, the best way is to get vaccinated

If you are trying to get pregnant or are pregnant then getting both doses of vaccine is the best way to protect yourself and your baby, and all those around you. Although it has been found that the risk of Covid-19 in pregnant women and their child is comparatively less than others, women who have had Covid-19 during pregnancy have become very unwell and needed treatment from the hospital in their later part of pregnancy. And the majority of the women who faced serious issues with Covid-19 were the ones who were not vaccinated.

There are chances that the Covid-19 vaccine will protect your child too from Covid-19.

As it is said that the unborn child receives immunity from the mother inside, many types of research have shown that protective antibodies against the Covid-19 disease are passed down from the mother to the unborn child during pregnancy itself. Even after birth through breast milk, a mother can pass down antibody immunity to the child.

However we know that the newborns are protected from Covid-19, but still, it is yet to determine that how long this protection would last.

Covid-19 can be serious during pregnancy for both you and your baby

It’s been found that the overall risk of Covid-19 during pregnancy remains low but still, you need to take care intensively. Pregnant women are more likely to give birth early than usual while suffering from Covid-19 as compared to the women who are not suffering from Covid-19. And this might sometimes lead to serious complications for the women.

There isn’t any proof that the Covid-19 vaccine affects pregnant women in any serious way

Several healthy regulatory agencies around the world are currently monitoring the status of pregnant women who are getting vaccinated for Covid-19 to suspect any small side effects if present. To date, none of the data has been produced that shows any sort of miscarriage or stillbirth or any sort of side effects to the baby or the mother during or after the pregnancy.

As the vaccines do not contain any living organisms that could multiply so none of the vaccines can infect or cause harm to the unborn child in the womb. However, it is always safe to consult your doctors before getting your jab of the vaccine.

The current Covid-19 vaccines are safe to use and effective also

Several vaccines committees in different countries have approved the vaccines for pregnant women and advised them to offer vaccines to pregnant women. As all the current pieces of evidence and tests have proved to be safe and effective for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, many doctors have also started recommending the same.

Today more than 4 lakh women have been vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine and none of the data has raised any serious safety concerns. Therefore it is advised to get both the jabs of vaccine whether you’re breastfeeding women or pregnant women.

To date, there isn’t any data that shows that covid-19 vaccines could be dangerous to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. The newborn babies are already protected against diseases with the help of antibodies that they receive from their mother through the placenta. And same is the case for the Covid-19 vaccine. For any further information, you may contact o your doctor who is looking after you during your pregnancy.

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