Why wear comfortable clothes during pregnancy?

No doubt, pregnancy is a difficult time. Your body undergoes numerous changes from your hormones to your weight and body shape, everything changes. Along with all the mood swings, and cravings you might notice that your favourite clothes do not fit you anymore, no need to be worried as it’s a good indication.

Let’s look at some of the reasons to wear comfortable clothes: 

Better comfort

During pregnancy, you might feel discomfort in your abdomen region, and wearing trousers, pants and dresses which are tight around your stomach can add to this discomfort. Therefore it’s advisable to wear loose clothes.

Improved hygiene

Wearing tight clothing can also lead to bacterial and/or fungal infections in the pregnant woman’s private area. This can manifest in irritations such as bacterial vaginosis and/or yeast infections to name a few. It’s because tight clothing allows for the breeding of harmful bacteria. If left untreated, the infection can be dangerous to the unborn child and lead to pregnancy complications. Complications such as preterm labour, cesarean section and/or even neonatal death.

Reduced morning sickness

During pregnancy, you might feel the urge to urinate quite frequently as there’s a lot of pressure on your bladder, so avoid wearing pants and go for dresses instead. Morning sickness and nausea might leave you feeling uneasy, wearing comfortable and loose apparel might help you stay sane.

Comfort for baby

During the latter part of your pregnancy, the child might start to move around while being inside your uterus, during this period, wearing loose and comfy clothes are essential as they give your baby room for movement. If you wear clothes that are too tight, the child will feel restrained and won’t be able to move properly; which will hurt your baby’s health and growth.

Curb skin sensitivity

Skin sensitivity and rashes are quite common during these 9 months. That’s why wearing soft breathable clothes is advised. We suggest you go for fabrics such as soft cotton, silk, velvet, sateen, fleece, terry cloth etc. During the cold seasons, you should go for woollen clothes to keep yourself and your baby warm and cosy. Drop-in mercury levels might make you and your little one uneasy, therefore investing in some woollen gloves and fuzzy socks as well. 

Boost in confidence

Some women may feel like they are losing the figure they worked so hard for. Wearing fitted clothes may increase this body image issue. Don’t be sad if you can no longer wear your skinny jeans. The maternity fashion industry is now flourishing, and now you have ample options to choose from, which means you can still look stylish and be confident.

Better blood circulation

Besides comfort, loose clothing during pregnancy allows for proper circulation of blood. Tight-fitting dresses limit the flow of blood circulation, and that can affect the development of the baby as well as the mother’s health. It can cause pain, numbness and lead to other health issues. 

Therefore, it becomes important to wear comfy outfits for proper blood flow in your body when pregnant. Also, free apparel around the chest and the abdomen can help you breathe with ease. You don’t need to strain when breathing. 

Improved digestion

Wearing tight clothing during pregnancy can also cause digestive discomfort. Tight clothes during pregnancy can cause the abdominal muscles and other parts of the digestive tract to become constricted. This can make conditions such as heartburn and morning sickness worse than they already are.


Therefore, pick the right clothes during pregnancy. Pregnancy clothes used to be in the earlier days like a shapeless sack, but those days are gone as the new era has begun, pregnancy clothes have evolved into a more fashionable track. Comfortable clothes during pregnancy are loose tunics, dresses, tops and much more which will be soft and comfortable to your increasing shape. 

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Remember, pregnancy is not just about your baby; it is about you as well. The first step to taking care of your baby is to take care of yourself! Wearing the right set of clothes will keep you comfortable and will lead to a calmer and happier you, and a happier you means a happier baby.

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