How working Moms-to-be can dress up during pregnancy?

Labour is the only blind date where you know you will meet the love of your life!

While all the love and affection from your family during pregnancy is overwhelming, the stress you experience as a working Mom-to-be is dreadful. We know it is not going to be easy, but we will try to aid you with all we can! Here are a few ideas that fill your wardrobe and make you look beautiful and fashionable.

Wear clingy pieces

Anything that fits closely to your body looks cleaner and more flattering. Clingy wears settle comfortably on your body and provide shape to your new look. They are not stiff and harsh on your skin and also help you keep warm.

Buy clothes from your usual store

Trying new clothes during pregnancy is not a good option. Keep it minimal and wear styles and fabrics you are already comfortable in. 

Black is the new age

Black makes you look slimmer and it goes with any other colour. Try to fill your closet with black dresses, black gowns, and black blazers.

Accessories change your look

Investing in accessories can never go to waste. They are not only useful for you now, but in the future as well. A shimmery necklace or a bold bracelet will make a huge difference in your look.

Brace your blazers

The only clothing that can be worn on any outfit is a blazer. They work wonders with no closures and it just drapes over your belly, giving a fluid line.

Old clothes are your best friend 

Buying new clothes that are stiff and fancy is a really bad choice during this time. Grab your old kurta or your oversized shirt and play it cool.

Add colour to your fingers

Paint your nails often and keep them clean. What you can’t do on your body, do it on your hands. You can have fun with a number of prints and colours.

Your mom’s closet is your new store

Feel lucky on the way to your mom’s closet because that is the only store that can provide you with old-style yet comfortable maxi dresses. 

Shop for better shoes

Go for anything that feels comfy for your legs. Flats are the best option while you can also try chunky or thick heels.

Steal from your partner’s closet

You might have done this even before getting pregnant. Right now, you will have to do it even more. Your partner’s shirts are your new oversized tees, his long jeans are your pyjamas, and his tank tops your night wears.

Go for tunic dresses

SillyBoom’s maternity top with a lightweight, breathable soft fabric designed to wear before, during, and after your pregnancy. Our maternity dresses look great while also achieving maximum comfort as a new mother-to-be. What are you waiting for, get yourself a perfect dress today? 

Last but not least and most important, remember that there are no rules. So, be yourself!

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