What Are the Right Clothes to Wear during Pregnancy

Modern age mothers-to-be don’t believe in concealing their baby bumps. Instead, they celebrate their period of pregnancy like all other pleasant parts of their lives. And undoubtedly, garments are an integral part of that.

During the pregnancy period, one’s body drastically undergoes massive changes and this poses a challenge in maintaining the newest trends albeit with comfort. The dresses one opts to stay in their closet during the pregnancy period define the shape of their body during and after the pregnancy.


Here’s a roundup of the most useful tips to flaunt that baby bump with panache during this beautiful phase of a woman’s life. New-age mommy-to-be, you don’t have to hide that baby bump.

While purchasing dresses for the pregnancy period, one must be mindful of comfort is a critical part. A mom-to-be usually faces discomfort in different ways during this time. So, never go for a dress that is too snug or uncomfortable. One probably starts putting on weight from the second trimester of pregnancy. So apparently one needs to opt for maternity clothes in large size which will eventually keep them attached to maternity fashion. To look stylish even with that baby bump growing in size with time, go for dresses with light colours, as that will be comfortable and fashion rolled into one. Choose dresses that will come in handy till the completion of pregnancy.

Say yes to cotton

Cotton clothes are extremely suggested during pregnancy. Cotton clothing is comfortable to wear, loose and breathable, can easily absorb sweat, and keep one cool and free. Cotton is considered to be a skin-friendly fabric that can stay even post-pregnancy.

Go for soothing colours

Balancing a pregnant top-heavy figure with the appropriate raiment that suits all occasions, even the regular daily routine, is a tiresome task. It becomes even more irksome with an ever-expanding belly. Along with the size, one even needs to pay attention to what colour they are picking for themselves. Dark shades tend to make one look leaner and slimmer. Accordingly, go for monochromatic outfits in shades of black, maroon, bottom green, navy blue, and darker tones of purple. The right choice of hues helps synchronize the visual body shape into a more defining linear plane.

Select the right clothes

Pay attention to the fabric of the maternity clothes you’re buying, because you don’t know where the weight is going to continue to develop as you move through each trimester. Anything with a flex fabric, a stretch fabric or a jersey fabric is definitely going to give you more flexibility.

Summing it up

Motherhood is one of the most enriching phases of a woman’s life. And it doesn’t have to mean that she gives up on dressing well just because she has a growing belly. Swaggering that baby bump with flamboyance, and donning the right accessories, is the underlying idea of picking the right maternity wear.

We hope your journey to pregnancy is filled with fun, excitement, happiness and constant support from your partner. The greatest joy of living is being a father or a mother. The day a child is born there is a dramatic shift in your consciousness from I, me, my, myself to you, his or her. The whole world changes, especially for a mother. The child becomes one’s world. The perspective of life changes. Parenting is a journey to be enjoyed and we hope you enjoy every moment of this journey.

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