Morning rituals when you are pregnant

Life shall begin with fresh new hope every day. The dawn brings with it a ray of possibilities and aspirations, so much more so when you’re expecting. Like American novelist, Daniel Handler once said, “Morning is an important time of day because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have”. 

It is crucial to start the day right to feel satisfied at the end of it and if you think exercising alone is sufficient, then I am afraid you have a long way to go. A healthy pregnancy routine includes more than just exercising. It continues with following a list of activities and healthy habits that help mothers to nourish their baby, take care of themselves, and embrace pregnancy. 

Throughout this article, I will share with you some of these morning rituals that you could certainly make use of in your pregnancy days. The first step is to decide what habits you should be practising daily and then categorise them into a routine in the end. Once you have committed to the routine, you just have to take action. 

Step 1: Choosing healthy pregnancy habits

This section deals with questions like as a pregnant woman, what healthy behaviours would you like to incorporate into your day? What activities are important for your health and your baby’s health?


While researching best practices for pregnant women, I came across this one. As soon as you get up it’s advisable to sit quietly for a while as you try to surround yourself with positive thoughts and just breathe. Put your hand on your stomach, talk gently to your baby, and focus on feelings rather than worries.

You can also try meditating to keep your mind at ease and at peace. Try journaling as part of your routine to document your journey and to reflect on how far you have come and your vision for the future.


If morning sickness has not overwhelmed you yet, it is advisable to get some exercise. Exercise helps you stay fit throughout your pregnancy and prepares you for easy delivery. Remember to consult a specialist and a doctor before beginning any exercise program. You should remember that even a little movement is better than no movement. 

Stretching for no more than 5 minutes a day can have a profound impact on your mood during the final weeks of your pregnancy and ultimately how easy you give birth.

Exercise or yoga is not possible on some days, so walking can be a good alternative. Getting out for a walk in the morning can keep you fresh throughout the day. Try consulting your doctor for more ideas. 

A healthy pregnancy diet

Diet is one of the most important things in your routine.

My top choice for healthy eating while pregnant is Lily Nichols’ Real Food for Pregnancy, as it addresses many myths about what you can and can’t eat during pregnancy. A very comprehensive guide that contains over 33 pages of citations from studies specifically on pregnancy diets makes this a very useful resource for pregnant women who want to improve their nutritional intake.

The baby’s muscles will develop stronger with a healthy diet consisting of greens like fruits and vegetables, grains, and protein. Keep in mind to avoid certain food like raw or unprocessed food, alcohol and unpasteurized milk. 

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration during pregnancy can lead to several complications, including headaches, swelling, and Braxton Hicks contractions. Most women pay close attention to their diets and exercise, but neglect to drink enough water. It is advisable to drink a minimum of 8-12 glasses of water. . At all times throughout the day, be sure to have a water bottle or take frequent sips of water.

Reading and learning

If you want to keep your mind from wandering, read a book. Many pregnant women get anxious regarding the baby, delivery, post-delivery situations, etc. Reading good books keeps your mind off useless thoughts and keeps you occupied. 

You can choose to read books about pregnancy and it’s a good choice for first-timers even more. You get to learn bout birth, the essentials of breastfeeding and a lot more. You can collect books from a local store or order them online. 

Taking a birth class is even more fun. You can choose to take online or offline classes as per your comfort. 


Step 2: Make your routine 

Creating sequences of your practices is an easy way to create habits that will help you during pregnancy and after birth. You can easily develop habits by thinking about your day. How can you incorporate more things into it? Create sequences using your practices. You can follow up with a planner if you like. 


Step 3: Stick to your routine

Now once when you are done with making your schedule or routine it’s time to give your best and follow the routine. Don’t be discouraged if you fail to achieve it initially. Building good habits takes time. Instead of feeling guilty or stressed when you don’t meet your ideal, you should give yourself grace. Parenthood should be a joyful experience. You are the one who must make it so.

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