Fun pregnancy announcement ideas

Getting pregnant, especially for the first time, can feel overwhelming. A positive sign on the pregnancy test is almost as exciting as winning a lottery ticket. You may not know where to begin, or what to do.

One of the most exciting things for mums-to-be to do can be sharing the news with loved ones. She can share with her husband as they will be going through this moment together, so it’s best to let them know right away.

Parents can be the most thrilling people to tell as they had been looking forward to this moment for ages, but their reactions are typically emotional. But some are more comfortable waiting until a doctor confirms the pregnancy while some wait until the second trimester when the risk of a miscarriage is lower.


When to announce pregnancy?

The timing is a personal preference and makes your pregnancy announcement whenever you feel comfortable. Wait for the right time to tell family, friends, and coworkers. Some women wait until the first ultrasound, while some anxiously tell everyone right after a positive pregnancy test.

Now, as soon as you make up your mind, it’s time to figure out how you are going to announce the pregnancy.  There are a million ways to celebrate your pregnancy and a lot of ways to create a pregnancy announcement photo. Social media posts make the announcement instead of individually informing people you know.  

Either way, the announcement will come, and it’s better to put up ideas on how to capture and express those moments. Some parents-to-be are taking their pregnancy announcements up a notch and coming up with some clever ways.

Here are some fun pregnancy announcement ideas that are both sweet and elegant. Find out one that suits your style.


Dad-Related Funny pregnancy announcements

Announce it with a mug

One of the ways to make a surprise pregnancy announcement is to use the morning coffee mug. Print the message at the bottom of your husband’s coffee mug and let him have a surprise at the end of a great coffee. You can also print a witty message printed on the side of the mug.

Announce with a couple of shirts

Another hilarious pregnancy announcement idea is to get t-shirts printed with “Drink for two” for the dad or “oops, we did it again,” for both you and your husband. There are plenty of great ideas for the printed text on both the same type and colour t-shirts to pull off the announcement well.

Announce with photoshoot

Photos are memories captured and photoshoots are part of most celebrations these days. There is no limit to how funny you can make them. Try to keep the shots as suggestive as possible, and let the scene do all the talking with little text in the background.


Sibling-Related Funny pregnancy announcements

Sibling rivalry is coming

Older siblings will be sharing mommy and daddy’s attention with the baby very soon. These potential challenges make for a hilarious pregnancy announcement. You can create something creative similar to a “coming soon” movie poster.

Sibling Training camp

You can stage a scene showing kids attending a sibling training conference. The oldest sibling conducted the seminar, with a slide presentation, and the other cute siblings took down notes.

Eviction notice

This pregnancy announcement is so unexpected and relatable that no one will be able to view it without smiling. You already have posted plenty of pictures of your elder ones in their cribs. It’s time to hang an eviction notice on the crib with a funny note. There are a variety of eviction notice signs available for purchase.


Grandparent pregnancy announcements

Scratch off card

These pretty and adorable scratch-off cards hide a secret pregnancy announcement for grandparents-to-be. There are so many designs to choose from and even customized ones are available. These scratch cards will let them know you’re expecting a baby. It might seem like a usual greeting card, but inside it is the best news of all.

Use a grandma onesie

Gifting your parents simple, sweet baby announcement clothes is a classic cute way to make a pregnancy announcement. A personalized onesie will certainly grab grandparents’ attention as the pregnancy announcement sinks in. It will be even more special when grandma gets to dress the newborn in the onesie that delivered the news in the first place.

Announcement hat sets

A tiny hat is more adorable than imagining anything. There are a variety of little hats to pick from on the occasions of Easter, Christmas, and Halloween to make the most precious pregnancy announcement for parents. As a bonus, this can be used by babies.

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