Best natural ways to alleviate back pain during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the problem of back pain is very common. Today the number of issues of back pain during pregnancy has increased as compared to earlier times. And this is happening because of the change in lifestyle as women are leading today a sedentary life and their age expectancy has grown.

Back pains are the most unavoidable part of pregnancy. But there exist natural ways by which you can alleviate your suffering from back pain. Below are given some of the ways to reduce your pain without any external medications –

Have calcium in good amounts

The baby inside your body needs large amounts of calcium for its bone development, which it takes from you. If you are not taking calcium in good amounts that are required for both you and your baby, then as a result both of your bones might get affected. And it will cause more back pain to you and improper bone development of the baby. So it is the foremost thing in your diet to have calcium.

Do yoga

Yoga is a very effective method to alleviate your back pain. There exists a lot of yoga poses especially for pregnant women to help them prevent any kind of pain. Some of the exercises that will help you to ease the back pain during pregnancy include butterfly exercise, rolling, and duck walk. Doing these yoga exercises at least 10-15 minutes a day two to three times can do magic to your back pain.

Hot fomentation

Back pains and muscle spasms, both can be reduced with the help of hot fomentation. All you need to do is get a hot water bag, and place it against your back while sitting or going to bed, or while relaxing somewhere. The warmth of it will increase the blood supply to that region and will help soothe the ache in that area. If you have sensitive skin then you can also cover the bag of hot water in a towel to prevent your skin from getting burnt.

Give attention to your posture

Being pregnant makes it obvious that you have to gain additional weight and carry the baby inside your body by leaning back. And this might put a strain on your back muscles. A good posture during pregnancy will help reduce the chances of back pain also. All you have to make sure of is that you stand straight and tall and try to hold your chest high. Keep your shoulders relaxed and not lock your knees.

Try swimming

Swimming is a great way to get your muscles relaxed and help alleviate back pain. Many women believe that it might not be safe to swim while being pregnant, but it is totally safe to swim during pregnancy. Always take someone with you to help you get out of the swimming pool in case you feel light-headed or giddy.

Have enough sleep

Lack of sleep can lead to discomfort and body aches to anyone. It is essential therefore for pregnant women to invest nicely in a good mattress that supports their body well and they are able to sleep well on it. The best position to sleep during pregnancy is on your side. You can even use extra pillows to get some support at your back and in front.

Use support while sitting

Whenever you sit somewhere, it is advised that you use a firm cushion behind your back. It helps you prevent your back pain and reduce any kind of discomfort.

Massage therapy

Massage therapies have been a traditional way of relieving body aches and muscle spasms. Many studies have been done and proved that massages are highly effective. You can hire caretakers who can give you a massage daily, or even ask someone from your family to learn from physiotherapists.

Many women fear back pains because they think it indicates something wrong with the child they are carrying inside their body. But by several obstetricians, it has been assured that it is just a part of pregnancy and therefore they do not even encourage them to take painkillers as it might affect the growth of the fetus. And so to ensure you and your baby’s health it is always advisable to go with the natural ways of medication to reduce your back pain during pregnancy.

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