How to ensure comfort during your second pregnancy

The love and happiness which your first baby has brought into your life is eternal. It is no different for your second baby. Preparing for your second child can be as rewarding and special as the first time.


Organizing everything before the birth of the second baby is the best thing you can do for your comfort during pregnancy. When you have planned everything in advance, it will be easy for you to manage and you will surely welcome your second baby in the way you have decided. Here are some tips which can ensure comfort during your second pregnancy:


Get a babysitter during delivery

Delivery of your second baby will be the time when you will be separated from your first baby. You can hire a babysitter to take care of your baby in your absence.


Be aware of your premature labor warning signs

Contractions that come every 10 minutes and increase in their intensity could be a sign that you’re in premature labor. Don’t waste any more time, call your doctor right away! 


Re-use stuffs from your first pregnancy

Some stuff from your first pregnancy can also be useful for your second pregnancy, such as your pregnancy gown, pregnancy pillow, pregnancy shoes, feeding bottles, bedding material, stroller, baby car seat. Just ensure that everything being used is clean and fresh for your second baby.


Get your nutrients right

Keep a diary for food to ensure your extra pregnancy calories are coming from healthy foods.


Prepare for labor emotionally

All labors and deliveries are different. Tell yourself that “No matter how long or hard this is, my body knows what to do”. This will keep you motivated and will boost your confidence.


Clean often naturally

You should keep yourself clean to stay away from infections. You can either choose to scrub or wash with more natural scrubbers instead of chemical products for a much safer experience. You can use hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and vinegar as natural products.


Pack your baby bag

Pack a bag for your first baby that includes their favorite items. You can include your baby’s favorite toy, activity book, favorite snack etc. Discuss your baby’s schedule with the babysitter. Assign some work for your first baby. One of them can be telling your baby to write down certain things that your baby wants to do with the newborn.


Sleep on your side

To sleep more soundly during pregnancy, roll to your left side. It’s a more comfortable position for your belly. Side sleeping improves blood flow to your baby as well.


Don’t neglect your first child

Do something special with your first baby. Something as simple as reading your baby’s favorite books, cooking their favorite food etc. Spend maximum time with your first baby. While you do this, prepare the baby for the newborn so that there is no sense of neglect when the newborn arrives. You can also spend more time with them by taking them to the water park, zoo or their favorite place.  


Get a massage

A massage can melt away pregnancy aches and pains within minutes. It will also help you relax and sleep better. See the best therapist experienced in pregnancy massage in your locality and pamper yourself the most.


Take childbirth classes

Taking a childbirth class will help you prepare for labor and delivery. You can also try asking friends, family, or your doctor for good recommendations.


Give yourself and everyone a little time to get used to the new reality of life with a second child. Later, you can all celebrate the joys of your larger family. While you do that, get excited for all the love to come. It will melt your heart to see your children and your whole family love each other like no other.

Happy Parenting!

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