Pregnancy myths you need to stop believing

The decision of becoming a parent is one of the biggest decisions that a couple makes. Along with the nervousness of becoming a parent, fear and anxiety also come in the way to make it more difficult. And with the growing number of myths about pregnancy, it is really important to understand the difference between true facts and fiction.

A new mother has a lot of things to look forward to along with the adjustments she has to go through with her body and lifestyle. There are times when myths are passed on from family, out of which some of them are entertaining and the rest are totally bizarre. The knowledge of the right facts and misconceptions can really smoothen the process of pregnancy. Some of the most heard myths about pregnancy have been listed below

Bodyweight does not matter

Many say that bodyweight doesn’t play a significant role in your pregnancy, but it surely does. The risk of infertility gets increases among obese couples. Being overweight or underweight can highly affect your fertility as it interferes with your hormonal functions.

Ovulation begins at the end of 2nd week of your cycle

The myth that ovulation starts on the 14th day of the cycle is a very common one. It is a myth because the time of ovulation depends on several different factors, and therefore it can occur early as well as late. It depends on the person and their habits that their ovulation begins on the 6th day or the 20th day of their cycle.

Getting pregnant is easy

People think that getting pregnant is easy as it only involves some male and female factors. But it is not so, getting pregnant does require a lot of other things too. And it depends on person to person, so it is advisable to always get in touch with a specialist if you are facing a problem in getting pregnant for a long time.

Avoid sex during periods if you want to get pregnant

Even if you are on periods, yes you can get pregnant. The ability to get pregnant does not depend on your periods but it does on the time when you ovulate. Many women believe that they cannot get pregnant during periods because they are not in their fertile window. Usually, the fertile period is a time frame of approximately five days when you get pregnant. But it may be shorter or longer and still, you can conceive being on your periods.

Avoid exercise during pregnancy

Health is very important for pregnancy. You can ask your doctor about the exercise you can do. It is recommended to do basic exercises while pregnant as it helps you to relieve pain and anxiety as well as contributes to the baby’s good health.

After 40 you cannot get pregnant

Age limit is one of the most common myths that people believe in to conceive a child. It is true that after the age of 40 the risk of infertility gets increases and also the chances of having a miscarriage. However, there are women who have conceived a healthy child even at the age of 40 and after.

Morning sex can give you a fertility boost

It doesn’t matter if you are having sex during the morning, or afternoon, or at night. It all depends on your fertile window. While planning to have a baby it is important for women to be in the fertile window, the rest of the month won’t contribute to boosting fertility.

Birth control can cause infertility

The period of infertility is only while you are having birth control. After you stop taking birth control, your fertility comes back. In many types of research, it has been proved that having birth control doesn’t increase the chances of infertility. Birth control only creates an artificial menstruation cycle and is stopped after completing the usage of birth control.

Throughout pregnancy your skin glows and you feel happy

There comes a phase when your skin glows and you feel happy, but the journey of pregnancy is different for every woman. It has several highs and lows. Due to an increase in hormones, your skin glows, and these organs sometimes even lead to depression and anxiety. So in that time make sure that you talk to someone and your doctor to seek guidance.

During conceiving, health habits do not matter

Since the day you realize you are pregnant, health plays the most important role. You definitely have to take care of your diet and eat foods in the right proportions. Smoking and drinking are strictly not advisable while being pregnant. Your diet should contain a high amount of folates as it reduces the risk of birth defects.

Pregnancy is a phase of life where both the parents go through an extraordinary time. As every woman goes through a different experience, so many different misconceptions and myths surround pregnancy. Therefore one should always consult their doctor before believing in any myths. The journey of pregnancy is exciting and at the same time rewarding too in unexpected ways. Good luck to you!

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