Things pregnant moms want their partners to understand

The role of a partner is very crucial when a woman is pregnant. It’s the woman who sails the ship, but the partner is the one who has to play the role of an entire crew. All it requires is the skill of observation and the power of intuition while one prepares for parenthood.

A partner’s main part is to comfort their wife by small acts of thoughtfulness and concern. Some of the ways have been mentioned below on how you can support your pregnant wife 

Talk to her

The first and foremost point is to talk to her. There are high chances that your wife might be scared and overwhelmed about giving birth to a new life. Similarly, this case might be with you too that you are going to become a father in a few months. Therefore talk to her and let her know how you feel and also understand how she is feeling. By this, you both will have the assurance that you would be there for each other throughout this roller coaster ride.

Provide emotional support

During pregnancy, it is normal to have mood swings. These mood swings are more difficult for your pregnant wife than they seem to you. And so it is necessary for you to provide her with the emotional support that helps her to deal with it. If she’s sad, be there to give her a shoulder; if she’s sad, be there to understand her difficulties. There might be moments that due to hormonal changes she gets angry, but it’s you who has to stay up with a smile and let go of the situation.

Give the mental support

Little things matter a lot, so try if you could take on some responsibilities off her head. And apart from taking small tasks on yourself, you can provide her with mental positivity. Stay positive about the things she is facing currently. Motherhood can be a bit overwhelming to her, so act cool and support her to grow into this role.

Keep a check on her food and sleep

Always make sure that your wife is having a healthy and nutritious diet. Due to hormonal changes, there might be chances that she has food cravings, but you have to make sure that you keep in mind her diet and help through the same. At the same time as her body is doing a lot of work, make sure that she gets enough rest and sleep. Ensure that she’s being active but at the same time not working very hard as it could affect her health.

Provide physical support

As time passes during pregnancy, it becomes difficult for a pregnant lady to carry out daily physical tasks. Tasks like cooking food and washing clothes become difficult while carrying a 15 to 30-pound baby. So if you have time you can start doing these tasks for her, or hire a helping lady to do these tasks. And there might even come the time when she’ll face difficulty from getting off the bed and couch too, here again, you have to take care that she feels comfortable.

Sharing the excitement

There are times when pregnant women feel that they are alone in this journey. Here comes the role of the partner where you can start taking initiatives and share in the excitement along with her of having a child. Plan and discuss the baby’s crib, the theme of the nursery, etc., to make her feel that you are as excited as her about the baby.

Talk to the baby

It is not always important for the partner to stay and prepare for the nursery. You can also take out some time and talk to the baby. Try feeling the growth of the belly and put your hands protectively around it. Let your wife know how beautiful that moment is for you when you feel the kick of the baby and how much it means to you. It helps to reassure her that you are engaged happily with her throughout this journey.

Hospital check-ups

Always go with your wife for health check-ups. Here not only you will learn about the changes she and the baby is going through but also the upcoming concerns you have to take care of. You can try to learn and understand the terminology and the expectations such that you are ready for all the issues that might arrive in the future.

Pregnancy is a life-altering phase for both partners equally. For a partner, it might seem to be a difficult task at first, but fret not one easily amplifies these traits and skills. Make sure to provide all sorts of love and support you could give to your pregnant wife. The more you will support your pregnant wife, the more support she could give to your new best friend.

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