Tips to ensure a successful pregnancy

For each and every family, the day of having a new child in the house is one of the biggest and important days of life. It is filled with lots of emotions, anxiety, and a life-changing experience. So many preparations and work is done to make that one momentous day as smoothly as possible.

Be it your first pregnancy, or not, there always is a learning experience in this beautiful journey. From backaches to nausea and the joy of becoming a mother, everything can be overwhelming during pregnancy. Just like the nine-month journey of pregnancy, below we have curated a list of nine important tips that you should ensure to have a successful pregnancy.

Do exercise regularly

It’s a myth that women should not exercise during pregnancy. Staying active while becoming pregnant or during pregnancy can help you in a lot of ways. It helps you to maintain optimal body weight, reduce anxiety and stress, and feel good throughout the phase of pregnancy. It is advised by many doctors that women should have a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes of exercise.

Keep a track of your cycle

To figure out the best time that when you should get pregnant is by understanding your menstrual cycle. The main key here to figure out is the date when you start ovulating. For this you need to record when your period starts and when it ends, the main part to notice here is the flow and other physical symptoms like cramps or any tenderness around the breast.

Make a quit plan

If you are planning to be pregnant or are pregnant, then it is really important to quit smoking, marijuana, vaping, and any other sort of drugs that can cause harm to your baby. You should even stop the consumption of alcohol and caffeine as they not only cause harm to your baby but may even affect your ability to conceive. Consumption of these can lead to low birth weight, preterm delivery, and other complications.

Have a preconception appointment scheduled

The best way to make sure that your body is ready for pregnancy is by ensuring your body’s health. And for this, the best way is by getting a check-up with a doctor. In that visit, the doctor will go over your health history and other medical concerns, and will accordingly advise you when and how to have a healthy pregnancy. It is also important to go for a health check-up as it helps you to identify and prevent any possible fetal-maternal risks.

Be aware of your family’s genetic history

It is common to have a family’s genetic history passed onto your child. If either of you or your partner has any history that involves any birth defects or any other medical conditions that you have inherited, then there are chances that your baby might too have these challenges. In such scenarios, you can always reach out to your doctor and genetic specialist who can help you by figuring out the possible risks and their diagnoses.

Maintain a healthy and balanced diet

Eating good and healthy food is important for health, especially at the time of pregnancy. Because you have to take care of your baby inside you, it is important that you eat a variety of whole grains, fruits, and essential proteins. Even hydration is very important for pregnancy.

Have an allocated budget for the baby

Finance is a part that usually many parents forget to consider while having a baby. So before you plan on having a baby, get all your finances in order about how you will be raising them and taking care of them in the future. And this is necessary because raising kids is not an easy and cheap task to do.

Take folic acid

Vitamins are necessary for your body before and during pregnancy. Particularly folic acid is important for your fetal health and its development. It helps in avoiding any birth defects including cleft lip and Spinal Bifida. Therefore it is recommended that all the women prior to conception should have folic acid at least 0.4 milligrams on daily basis for a period of three months.

Go for a dental check-up

Going to a dentist for a regular check-up not only helps you keep your teeth and gums healthy but also your overall health. Having bad dental hygiene and periodontal disease can give rise to complications in your pregnancy. It is always advised to go through regular dental cleanings and dental care prior to conception.

No matter what, as soon as you suspect that you are pregnant, you should go see a doctor. It will help you know better about your current situation and the further things that you need to take care of.

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