Morning Sickness During Pregnancy – Do’s and Don’ts

The journey of pregnancy is not less than a roller coaster ride, filled with abundant joy, excitement, nervousness and more. You feel thrilled, but may not necessarily always feel comfortable. During pregnancy, many women face anxiety, nausea and vomiting during the first trimester of pregnancy, it’s also known as morning sickness. 

Though morning sickness doesn’t surely mean that you feel sick in the morning, it can be at any time of the day. It’s natural and common in about 70% of pregnant women. You don’t have to panic about it, but shouldn’t also take it carelessly, since it involves the well being of two individuals- you and your baby!

So how to deal with it? What to do and what not? Out of so much information available online and offline, you can be confused. That is why we have highlighted some major Dos and Don’ts below.

Do consume folic acid and Vitamin D

Folic acid provides vital nutrients to the baby’s brain and spinal cord, therefore it’s essential to start taking it from the beginning of pregnancy. Vitamin D helps in building the strong bones, teeth, kidneys, heart, nervous system and muscles of the baby.

Do follow your workout routine

It’s important to stay active, especially during pregnancy. If you are a person who has been working out pre-pregnancy, you can continue with the same during pregnancy. Of course, you should dodge certain exercises like intense workout and weight lifting, as it can affect the baby’s health. 

Do stay hydrated

During pregnancy, you need more water than usual because your baby needs water too. Water is vital to life. Not only water plays a significant part in healthy fetal development, but not taking liquids can be dehydrating to you that can lead to more nausea.

To adopt healthy habits

Remember that you cannot have stressed and sleepless nights like you used to. During pregnancy, you shouldn’t overwork or sit at the same place for a long time. Do take proper sleep and avoid working for longer hours. Eat healthy foods which help you stay energetic throughout the day.

Do have an emotional support

Open up to someone whom you trust if something is bothering you. Let your hubby know about it or your best friend. There could be moments when you would want to cry like a baby on a silly thing or when you would simply want to talk or share about something serious with someone who understands it.

Do practice yoga

Yoga is a safe and effective exercise for pregnant women because, in addition to providing relief during pregnancy, it can help prepare your body for labour and delivery. The gentle movements and slow breathing can also provide stress relief.

Don’t travel long

Travelling shouldn’t be banned in the early days of pregnancy, but you need to travel light with all your essentials. Don’t take long vacations. This is the phase where you would not be willing to be away from your home for long. You need comfort that only your home can give. 

Don’t smoke

If you smoke, then you should give up on smoking cigarettes. It may not be that easy for you but always keep in mind that cigarette smoke can lead to numerous severe complications for you and your baby.

Don’t consume alcohol

Consuming alcohol can affect the baby’s brain and hinder the development of the baby. Hence if you devour on alcohol and expecting, you should stop it immediately

Don’t take harmful foods

Foods such as raw meat and eggs, junk, excess caffeine, unpasteurized juice and milk, packaged food items should be a completely NO-NO in your diet. 

Don’t paint your home

It is good to keep everything fresh and germ-free around you but this shouldn’t involve painting your home. The harmful chemicals and solvents in paints can be dangerous and toxic. If you still wish to go ahead with it, use organic colours and painting materials to paint your home. 

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